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How much are the tickets?

For a limited time, tickets are just $20! Tickets will be $25 in advance and (if available) on the day of the event. Tickets can only be purchased online.


How do I get tickets? 

Click Here

When is the event?

Saturday, October 5, 2024. Noon-4PM


Where is the event?
Boston, MA. The event will take place at  different locations in the Fenway area.

Where do I check in for my wristband?

Any participating venue


What can I bring?

Don’t bring anything you wouldn’t bring into a 21 plus venue

No liquids

No large boxes or trays

No open containers

No coolers, chairs, minors, infants, or pets


Is it all you can eat?

Food sampling is included. Each venue will have a special item. This is an indoor event only.  Go to any venue in any order.  Each venue will have food sampling and entertainment. 


Does the ticket include food and drink?
The ticket includes food sampling and entertainment. The beverage is not included. 


Can infants or children attend?
No, this event is strictly 21 plus, proper I.D. is required.


I'm obviously over 21 years old. Do I need I.D.?
Yes, every person needs to present valid identification:
A valid driver's license
A valid State Liquor ID
A valid US passport
A valid active duty Military ID
All other forms of ID may be acceptable but do not guarantee the service of Alcoholic Beverages or entry.


​What are the best hotels in the area to stay?
Coming Soon


When should I arrive?
We recommend arriving no later than 1PM.


Can I bring my drinks from inside to outside or outside to inside?

No, Massachusetts law prevents this.


Can you help with a problem with online tickets?

Message Here

We are only responsible for the information posted on this website and our own social media. There may be incorrect information on other pages we do not run. Any questions please message us here.

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